Hiya! I'm Mirthica!

I'm your photographer! (that is, if you'd be kind enough to let me). To diffuse any tension, or obsessive stalking(like I do with my clients), I've decided to share lots of personal details about myself so you can get to know me better!

I am a 4th year Pre-med student at UC Berkeley in the College of Natural Resources. I've designed my own major called Preventative Medicine through CRS which is a combination of Immunology and Public Health Electives. Photography is something I picked up in high school. I was the photographer for the school's media club. However, my photography journey really took off when I moved to college. I finally saved up and bought my own DSLR camera, and in 2017 my own portrait lens. My journey as a photographer has not only brought me financial support but also amazing clients who let me be a part of documenting their journey.

Some random facts about me: I stress out before my shoots- I would say almost as much as my clients do. I have anxiety when it comes to meeting new people, so if you feel like you do too, don't worry, two introverts make a great extrovert! I'm a rabbit mom, and I have been a cat mom too! I love coffee, and iced tea lemonade.

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I'm gonna keep this brief so we have loads to talk about during the shoot as well. I hope you got to know me a little, and I can't wait to get to know you! Again, REACH OUT if you have any questions!! Super excited to be a part of your journey!

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