Frequently Asked Questions

Hello my loves!

I've compiled some questions that I get asked a lot so that you can easily navigate through them while you browse through my website!

If you need further elaboration on any of the questions, or you have additional questions, feel free to go to the contact page and reach out!! Weirdly, I love replying to emails and I always get back to clients in 2-3 days!



Usually during the session, I get wayy too excited about the photos we create that I tend to show lots of previews on my camera during the session. I usually pay attention to client feedback during the session to try to remember what poses/shots they like, and when I edit I choose their favs as well as some of my favs from each location! But do not fret! If you feel like I've missed any shots that you remember you loved from the session, I am always happy to edit 5 additional images for you at no extra cost! You're paying good money for these sessions, so I wanna make sure that I can do everything in my power to make you 100% satisfied!


Depending on the package you book with me, the number of photos I return varies! For eg, if it says 40-45 images, I will do my very best to return 45 images rather than 40! But providing a range protects me as a photographer as other external/environmental events can lead to fewer images that represent my work. Having said that, if I have 46 good images of you, I will not hold back the one extra good image because 45 is what you paid for, cause ya never know that one picture could be the one that makes it to your instagram, and I'd never let a good photo go to waste!


Most of the time, it is not possible. For example, if you book a 2 hour slot, and on the day of the session you want to reduce it to an hour, that will not be possible because once you book a slot, I turn away other clients interested in that slot, and that takes away from my hourly income. Sadly, to afford rent, and save up for medical school I need to work a certain number of hours a week to ensure that I can meet my financial goals, and I truly appreciate your support and understanding.
-Another thing is, if you request a gold package and want to modify it to a silver package after the session, that will also not be possible as I have shot more images/worked more and that adds to the wear/tear of my device. I'm really sorry! Same goes to if you want to upgrade from a silver package to a gold package after the session. As I may not have shot as many images as I would've had you booked the gold package. You can always upgrade to a gold package up to 30 minutes prior to the session time. If you intend on upgrading packages, please let me know prior to the session so that I can plan accordingly and serve YOU better!


Usually at the UC Berkeley campus, due to the size of the campus, and crowds on campus, we're able to cover about 2-3 locations on campus. However, I do not have strict policies on how many locations you are allowed to cover! So it basically depends on how speedy we are at each location, how many strangers are photobombing us etc! with some clients I've even covered 4-5 on campus locations! But if you like to take your time to walk around, and do not wanna run around in the heat and in heels, well feel free to book a 2 hour slot! (also message me if you have any personal concerns, I'm happy to chat with ya through it)


Well personally, in the spring, March - August lighting is great from 4pm-8pm! and my instagram has photos from all of these time slots. Each of these hours provides a different advantage that I personally struggle to pick favorites! But the most popular one tends to be 6-7pm slots, because it's golden hour (an hour before sunset), and tends to have the least harsh shadows on all campus locations. For eg, at Doe Ledge I love 4-5pm slots, at Doe Door the lighting is only good the last 30 mins before sunset so it doesn't form weird shadows. Feel free to ping me photos from my IG that you really love and I can tell you what time I shot it. I have all my clients names and time slots on my calendar (my weird organized butt has to do this), so I can easily look it up for you!

Can I get the unedited files/raw images?

If you're an influencer, or you really like my photos but want to edit the images to fit your particular style, you can do the option of purchasing only all the raw images from the session. So usually, you can buy full rights to the raw images (meaning I won't be editing/ or using them for marketing purposes) for another $150 dollars to the normal session fee. If you choose this option, you can bring a hard drive to the session, and I will upload the images to that, and mail it to you/ or you can pick it up! Other than that, once you've signed a contract for a standard session, you cannot make modifications to the contract, so message me and discuss your options prior to the session!

Can I ask you questions about outfits, how to prepare etc?

Absolutely!! That's one of the fun parts about my job, is helping you have the best experience during the session! so do not worry! I got you, message me all your questions and I will patiently respond to them! You can even send me screenshots of your outfits and I'll vote on my favs!

How can I prepare for a session?

Head over to our trusty friend Pinterest, make a mood board and share it with me! Mood boards help me understand your vision, and it'll help you refine your vision!

I'm ready to book! what do I do?

Fill out a contact form and I'll get back to you within 2-3 business days! If it's urgent, feel free to dm on instagram @letmecaptureyouu

Why do you not return all the photos?

As part of my service, I like to curate the photos I put out into the world! But don't worry, I pick out all the best ones, so do not fear missing any good ones! As an artist, it's important to me that I only put out my best work out into the world, so I do this to protect my brand and my art. Think of it like this, when you buy an album, you only hear the best songs the musician puts out, not every bad song they've written too. This is the same thing! There's always some blinking photos, hair in your face, randos photobombing the pictures, and these are the ones I usually tend to leave out!

Can I bring a friend with me on the shoot for safety reasons?

yes! bring as many friends, family members, pets as you want! as long as they're not taking individual portraits/graduates, they don't have to pay extra, so you can even have them jump into a few photos to support you! I only charge extra for other graduating seniors or people taking individuals, so bring the whole damn village! Also, even if they're not popping into the photos, bring them along! I want you to feel safe during the session, and an extra hype buddy never hurts!

What is the turn-around time for the edited images?

The estimated time for a gallery to be returned in 2-3 weeks! This is because I don't just apply a filter on all my photos. I take the time to try out different presets based on the lighting and background changes. I also take at least 2-3 hours to cull (select the best photos from the session). Furthermore, before I send out a gallery I like to ensure that the images are a good representation of my art and vision.
For weddings the estimated turn-around time is 4-5 weeks (with a 48 hour sneakpeak with up to 5 images).
For Engagements - Estimated turn around time is 3 weeks (with 48 hr sneakpeaks)
All other session types usually do not get sneak peaks.
If for some reason you are doing the session and have a deadline to meet, for example - graduation session to submit to a virtual graduation, or family portraits for christmas cards, please discuss with me prior to the session that you need it back sooner. I can put a rush on certain orders but please speak to me prior to the session, or immediately after the session so I can put a rush on it. I would love to accommodate if I can, so please don't hesitate to reach out!