Small Businesses

Hey local business!

Thank you for stopping by my page! I absolutely love small businesses, because I'm a small business myself. There's something amazing about stepping into this big, scary world with a little bit of money and lots of ideas. It truly feels exhilarating, and rather empowering.

The product you put out for your clients are often quality checked multiple times isn't it? So why not do the same for the content you put out for marketing the product. After all, digital images travel a longer distance than word of mouth ever will. So invest in your social media marketing!

Don't worry if you're not super familiar with the social media work. I happen to only use social media as my marketing platform, so I can help you!

How much do my services cost you?

Here's a rough idea of how much it'll cost you for a certain package depending on the type of business you own!

  • Restaurants/cafes: $200 (30-40 Edited images).
  • Clothing stores/ Boutiques/Merchandise: $350 for (40-50 edited images)
  • Product photography - $150 for 30 edited images (you'll mail in the products).
  • Other services such as salons, tattoo parlors etc: $200 (30-40 edited images)

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